Mikko Salminen is Espoo-based scenographer, performer and former national-level swimmer with additional skills and experience in production management, marketing, recruitment, planning, communication, social media, graphic design and layout work. Salminen has worked recently on site-specific performances and theater productions, with themes such as eco-catastrophe and interdependencies between humans and landscapes. Salminen has taken part in panels examining ecoscenography, theater education and internationalization in Prague Quadrennial and Uniarts VES-Seminar in 2023. Overall Salminen works flexibly and multidisciplinary with different projects, spaces and materials. 
“I'm curious to understand furthermore the human experience and the interconnections between ourselves and our surroundings. This exploration has led me to research performance and scenography."
Born in 1992, Salminen grew up in Espoo and spent most of his childhood and early adulthood in a swimming pool as a young promising athlete and later on as a swimming instructor and lifesaver. After ending his career in sports in 2013, Salminen studied creative writing and communication before moving to Lahti in 2014 to study theater and acting. From 2015 to 2017 Salminen worked on theater productions locally and internationally with wide range of different positions as a performer, writer and director at Ilves Theater in Helsinki and at Academy of Liberal and Fine Arts in Lahti. 
Salminen received BA in Design for the Performing Arts at Aalto University in 2021 and MA in Design for the Performing Arts at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in 2023. Salminen is looking forward to work diversely with local and international projects and artists. His latest solo performance and installation was exhibited at OBJEKT in Narva, Estonia in March 2022. Currently Salminen is working on local projects as a playwright, performer and scenographer.
“The aim in my art making has been working internationally and continuing to gain knowledge and experience in the areas of extended scenography, such as working with installations and site-specific performance spaces."
Lately, Salminen has increased the use of photography and video as part of his artistic practice. Since working with site-specificity in productions such as 'drawing a line', 'Tulevaisuus peruttu (Future canceled)' and 'Suurenmoinen sotku (A Great Mess)'  in 2021 and 2022, Salminen has grown deeper interest in the unexpected connections and correlations between technology, humans and landscapes. 
"There is still - and always will be - so much to discover, to understand and to wonder upon. With the latest unfortunate global events I feel obligated to keep sharing my artistic research and evoking conversations of what it is like to live in this ever-evolving world as a human being. If sports has taught me something it is resilience, patience and ambition. I will use these skills as I keep practicing my artistic work. But most importantly - I keep diving into it fearlessly.” 
In 2023 Salminen was awarded with Teme's (Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland) Theatre, Film and Television Designers Student Scholarship for being "socially skilled, positive, responsible and active member in working groups accompanied by a strong effort to work internationally despite pandemic period. His thesis work and research on employment and work opportunities as a recent graduate was current and served the community with its topic." ​​​​​​​
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