Who’s Abulkasem? This question is the subject of the fast-paced comedy by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, one of the most important contemporary Scandinavian dramatists. In a breathtaking rhythm, the award-winning production unleashes an absurd play with words, images and all the registers of the theatre in search of Abulkasem’s identity. Is he an alien intruder, a distant uncle, a terrorist or a theatre director? Four young actors transform themselves into ever new versions of Abulkasem. In this game about prejudices, right and wrong cultural identity, the question “Who is Abulkasem?“ transforms to the question “Who am I? Is it me?”
Director: Meimi Taipale
Playwriter: Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Translation: Jukka Pekka Pajunen Sallwa Ahmed & Hannan FJ
Producers: Ilves-Teatteri, Suomen Harrastajateatterikesä and Theaterwelten

Performers: Janne Illi, Ilona Kuusela, Mikko Salminen and Valo Sauri

Costume Design: Ella Snellman
Sound Design: Henri Hyökyvirta
Choreography: Veera Snellman
Video Design: Meimi Taipale
Set Design: Mikko Salminen
Photos: Mathias Baier

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