A beloved classic tale about honesty, parental love and self-discovery in Tervasaari! 
 In the musical and adventurous play, the good-hearted carpenter Geppetto carves a doll out of wood, which comes to life and is named Pinocchio. The powerless and curious Pinocchio often finds it difficult to remember his promises, and temptation leads to the most exciting situations. Could Geppetto's love for his wooden doll be enough to turn Pinocchio into a real child?
And how does the mountain-high shark that appeared on the beach affect the matter?

On stage: Anna Korolainen Crevier, Paula Kovanen & Jasir Osman
Director and dramatization of the play: Anna Jaanisoo
Composer: Annimaria Koivunen
Costume design: Ella Snellman
Set design: Mikko Salminen
Puppetry: Ilona Vlasenko
Graphic design: Helka Saariniemi
Producer: Pauliina Alanko
Production assistant: Paula Kovanen

Photos: Tanu Kallio

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