TULEVAISUUS PERUTTU (FUTURE CANCELED) is a performative event that explores the inevitability of change.
While we cannot predict the future, we are confident that it will happen. Everyday life feels manageable when familiar things are repeated from day to day. But what if life becomes unpredictable and we are pushed towards uncertainty?
FUTURE CANCELED is a joint work of seven artists, performed in Kruunuvuorenranta and Oil Tank 468. The former oil tank will be transformed into a stage for canceled futures, to which the public will be invited to step in.

Working group:
Timo Tikka
Mikko Salminen
Minttu-Maaria Makkonen
Aku Lahti
Anna Korolainen Crevier
Anna Jaanisoo
Annimaria Koivunen
Photos: Mikko Salminen

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