when i run, i run for my life 
past the stone church, I stumble over the moss cover
I tear the roots out of the base of my legs
I let my blood flow as a sign of my journey
far from the rising glory
towards the darkness of the north

Playwriter and director: Mikko Salminen
Director assistant: Otto Nyberg
On stage:
Johanna Niemi
Riikka Kasper
Elias Almenoksa
Ida Martela
Matleena Mäki-Petäjä
Otto Nyberg
Virpi Nieminen

Costume design, Hair and Makeup: Ella Snellman
Set Design: Virpi Nieminen
Sound Design: Daniel Weckström
Recording, sound mixing and editing: Henri Hyökyvirta
Light design: Mikko Salminen
Photos and trailer: Mari Kaakkola
Producer: Miro Seppänen

The performance is inspired by Sean Durkin’s film ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’. 
 Production is supported by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Recycling Center Ltd, the Helsinki Cultural Center and aDigi Oy.

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